Ed Pelletier & Sons Co has worked with a number of municipalities to install, repair and or replace water and sewer lines.  Whether it is a 10 ft or 10 miles we can do it all.  See the "Our Work" page for photos and sampling of the work we have performed.  The picture is from the Town of Madawaska Phase 4 Sewer Project.


Road Construction

Ed Pelletier & Sons Co has done countless road reconstruction projects throughout Aroostook County.  The company provides all road construction and rehabilitation services including: clearing, material removal, assessing and providing proper drainage material, catch basin and culvert installation and grading.  See the "Our Work" page for photos and a sampling of the work we have performed.  The picture is from the 2014-2015 Wallagrass Highway Reconstruction.


Site Preparation

Ed Pelletier & Sons Co has worked with local homeowners to large corporations to provide site preparation work for various projects including utility installation and storm drainage.  From clearing land for a new residential home to clearing for new road and even a new mall.  We can do it for you.  The pictures are from Emera (left) in Presque Isle, Autotronics (right) in Frenchville and the MicMac Wellness Center (lower center) in Presque Isle.


Aggregate Material

Ed Pelletier & Sons Co owns three quarries that provide materials for various projects.  The public is able to purchase a variety of material at the Frenchville Quarry located at 17 Cleveland Ave, Frenchville, Maine.  Customers can have their vehicle/trailer loaded for them or delivery services are also available throughout Aroostook County.  We can load from a small pickup to a large tractor trailer.  The quarry is open seasonally generally from mid-May to early November weather depending.  When open, the hours of the quarry are 7am - 4pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  If you are not sure of the type of material you want, we encourage you to look at all the different types available to determine what best fits your project.